Let me help  you

I understand what it is like to constantly struggle with food demons, a poor body image, and major weight issues – I was there for many years, and that is why I have made it my life purpose to teach others how to eat with a deep understanding of how food affects their health and weight.

Chronic dieting is not the answer. Restrictive diet plans do not work. Eating with a deeper understanding of the effects that food is having on your body is the starting point to your successful weight loss transformation.

“Get a grip on your eating! Stop hurting yourself with unhealthy food choices and hating the way you look” ~ Lara

Let me teach you

I am here to demystify nutrition, steer you away from indoctrinated diet dogma and shift your focus towards what eating real food can actually do for your health and body weight.

I always start with a thorough diet and nutrition assessment in which I investigate your health and nutritional pitfalls preventing your weight loss or causing your health complaints. I then map out the best programme for you, focusing on REAL FOOD, supplementation, and, in certain cases, medical assistance.

If blood tests are required, I have expert knowledge of what to test for and how to evaluate the results in order to overcome your issue of weight loss resistance.

Medical conditions, such as hormonal imbalances or a compromised metabolism can prevent you from losing weight. I therefore work with a team of Integrative Functional Medical Doctors at the Integrative Medical Centre in Bryanston who are able to assist me with taking the corrective measures to help you.

Let's get started


First appointment:1 HOUR includes

  • Complete health and diet history assessment to discuss:
  • Uncovering and discussion around key factors causing your weight and health issues
  • Assessment of past or current blood test results or recommendations of blood tests
  • Complete body composition assessment
  • Strategy and discussion of best nutritional program

Follow up appoint: 1 HOUR includes:

  • Your tailored food plan with menu and food lists
  • Explanation of all medication and supplementation to be taken during your program

Ongoing weekly/bi-monthly weigh-in or food coaching sessions



First appointment: 1.5 HOURS includes

  • Health and Diet history Assessment to review your key stumbling blocks and areas of focus for your weight loss program
  • Complete Body Composition Assessment
    Using a Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Method, (DSM-BIA )
    This allows you to track your weight loss more accurately according to actual FAT lost
  • Explanation of our Weight-Loss philosophy and how the program works and how you going to be eating
  • Explanation of all medication and supplementation to be taken during your program
  • Meal Plan and food lists

Ongoing weekly/bi-monthly weigh-in or food coaching sessions