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Thanks for checking out my website. I specialise in total health and weight loss transformations by helping you to understand the way food affects your Weight, Energy, Mood, Food Cravings, Digestive health and Hormone balance. My methods are Hard-Hitting and Cutting-Edge based on the latest International Nutritional Research and Science. I will update your thinking around old-school nutrition and diet dogma.

"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art" Francois La Rochefouchald

Unique weight loss insights

How stress hormone imbalances make you FAT?

Some stress in your life is good. It often helps us focus, concentrate and “get the job done”.

What do food allergies have to do with weight loss?

Many people suffer from undetected food allergies. If you are eating foods to which you are allergic, immune complexes form in your body.

Is it true? Can I be addicted to food/sugar and carbs?

There are some food habits that are hard to break when you look at weight loss because they are physically addicting. 

What does my gut health have to do with weight loss?

By correcting a yeast imbalance or bacterial overgrowth called SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) it is often much easier to lose weight.

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First Season of the TV series Duer Dik en Dun on DSTV

Episode 1

Meet the fabulous contestsant who begin their weightloss journey.

Episode 2

Lara does a fridge and house raid

Episode 3

Follow the contestants as they continue into week two of their lifestyle change.

Episode 4

The contestants share their motivations for losing weight.